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Tiktok and Instagram filter

We create your Augmented Reality Filters for TikTok and Instagram

Through our AIOcodes studio, you have the opportunity to develop a TikTok and Intagram filter that will reflect your brand image. Our company is ready to listen to your needs and help you achieve the desired result. Find out what steps we take for our clients to bring their projects to life.

Various platforms for augmented reality

Integrate your content in the area of augmented reality using our studio on your social media. We can implement filters on both TikTok and Instagram. Social media are the main platforms where users spend the most time. Since 2019, Instagram and TikTok have enabled agencies to create augmented reality content for brands.

Increasing UGC

Augmented reality content on social media platforms allows brands to generate user-generated content (UGC). This means that their community consumes AR content and shares it on their own social media platforms. Users are therefore engaged with brand content in their own social circle.

Image by Nik
Image by Olivier Bergeron

TikTok: a platform unique to brands.

TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms globally, attracting over 600 million active users every month. It is the most downloaded app in the world, and 41% of its users are between the ages of 16 and 24.

The main purpose of this app is to enable the creation of short videos, and TikTok is keen not to limit creators' creativity. This opens the door for brands to create content that perfectly reflects their image on the most popular social media platform among younger audiences.

Filter possibilities

Face Animation

Offer interactive content using facial animations (2D and 3D elements). Add animations that will make your filter go viral. Guide users on a journey to your world.

3D visualization

Modeling and texturing of products in 3D for their integration in AR. We can add information or animations in AR. Trying on is a very important tool for e-commerce.

Interactive AR mural

An interactive AR mural, viewable through mobile devices, creates an interactive and multimedia experience for the viewer.

Roulette filter

Thanks to the algorithm, TikTok filters can display an item in a completely random way. This TikTok filter allows for even more original and engaging content.

Virtual packaging

Thanks to image recognition, we can improve and animate packaging. TikTok filters allow you to unlock image tracking that will change the atmosphere of the room and animate it.

AR and place recognition

Thanks to image recognition, we can prepare a specific element that will be displayed only if a given building, graphic, or graphic is in the frame.

Implementing filters on TikTok: An effective tool for brand development.

Image by Zoe

Connect with your community

TikTok presents content that is solely the work of its community of users. This content takes many forms and can be humorous, creative, artistic or informative. By open access to TikTok's filter creation software, brands have the opportunity to provide users with tools to improve the quality of their content. By creating your own original TikTok filter, you open the door to sharing your world with users.

Increase the level of recognition of your brand

With a huge social potential of over 1 billion monthly active users and creators on TikTok, don't miss your chance! Introducing a branded TikTok filter that accurately reflects your brand's personality is an effective strategy to increase visibility by naturally spreading your content across this social space. TikTok's algorithm offers equal opportunity to every profile, which becomes a significant advantage for brands!

Creating your own TikTok filter allows you to present unique branded content that creators can easily use and share on the TikTok platform.

Image by Carol Magalhães
Image by John Schnobrich

Providing interactive digital content

TikTok is a place where there is a highly engaged and active community. This is an excellent platform for easy communication between brands and their followers. Implementing TikTok filters helps you increase interaction with your community, initiating trends or hashtags with your effect, for example.

Let us remind you that users spend 5 times more time interacting with augmented reality content than with traditional content or advertisements.


Brand Content

Use the TikTok filter to meet your branded content goals. Thanks to the spread of effects, you will achieve not only greater recognition, but also regular appearance on social media. Encouraging users to discover the world of your brand will allow you to maintain loyalty among the community by creating content that perfectly fits the expectations of the target group.



Augmented reality on the TikTok platform is content that users willingly use for specific activations. Developing a filter implementation strategy allows you to obtain important information. Moreover, creating a comprehensive communication strategy, including the use of the TikTok filter, guarantees an effective return on investment.


Product Introduction

Through TikTok filters, you have the opportunity to advertise your products, for example through a 3D virtual presentation (virtual try-on), allowing potential customers to see what the product looks like in their space. This interaction benefits the user experience and also optimizes your online reputation through an innovative digital strategy that differentiates itself from traditional forms of marketing.


Event Promotion

Create a TikTok filter to promote your events. Whether you're planning on-site animations or building tension before the big day, creating a filter is the perfect content format, perfectly suited to various activities during the event. Participants have the opportunity to share their stories with a TikTok effect that you have prepared especially for them.

Why use an agency to create TikTok filters?

Creating a TikTok filter is a key tool to strengthen your brand's presence on this social media platform. Working with an agency that specializes in TikTok filters is essential to effectively develop a design that will deliver the desired results. Not all filters are intended to gain popularity on TikTok, so it is important to carefully consider the appropriate activation and style of the filter, tailored to your specific goals, which will ensure its virality. The agency plays a key role in guiding brands throughout the entire creative process.

Additionally, producing a TikTok filter requires the use of specialized software and various technical skills. It is necessary to create 2D and 3D assets and then integrate them with software for animation and interaction. Effect House, an augmented reality tool for creating TikTok filters, requires many hours of practice to achieve the desired effects. Therefore, carrying out this project in-house can be a challenge due to the need for significant time commitment by the appropriate specialists.

Finally, we offer regular reports on the performance of your filters on TikTok, allowing you to understand and analyze statistics about their effectiveness.

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