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Video AI

We create videos using AI

Through our AIOcodes studio, you have the opportunity to produce an advertising spot or any other video for the needs of an advertising campaign using AI. 

What is Video AI? 

Video generated by artificial intelligence (AI) using text is a process in which AI algorithms create visual video content based on entered text descriptions (prompts). Such technology uses advanced machine learning models and neural networks to interpret text and transform it into image sequences or animations that together create a coherent video. This process opens up new possibilities for content creators, allowing them to generate complex visualizations without having to manually create every video element.

Film production

Generate shots using precise shots, instead of a normal film set. This completely changes the video production process, bypassing practically the entire shooting stage, everything happens from start to finish at the post-production stage. This process is very similar to the animation production process.

Audio production

Thanks to AI speech synthesis tools, we can create natural-sounding voices in various languages. It enables voice cloning, voice changing and automatic dubbing of content.

Lektor PL
Lektor ANG
Lektor FR
Image by Tom Pottiger

Photo production

We will create a comprehensive photo session for you without a photographer, studio or model, only using Ai tools.

What does the process of creating a video using AI look like?
with our studio?

1. Script and Storyboard

  • Script Writing: Develop the script for the video in consultation with us to understand the obstacles in creating it using AI tools and what can be done better. This way, we will plan everything during the script-writing stage to create the highest quality video possible.

2. Audio Generation

  • Generate music using AI tools and create a voiceover or voice for our actor, who we will later create.

3. Image Movement Generation

  • Using a set of graphic tools, we generate images according to the script, which we approve, starting with locations, characters, and other elements. Then, we animate them using AI tools, also supporting traditional animation programs. If our generated character has dialogue lines, we add lipsync to make it look like the character is speaking the words previously generated by the synthesizer.

4. Editing and Color Correction

  • Editing the animated shots with sound, final online editing, and color correction.

5. Finalization and Publication

  • Final adjustments, reformatting, and final exports.

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